DGM · Team

Meet the team!

Nele Vandersickel

Associate professor and group lead

Nele applies novel mathematical methods to analyse clinical and experimental data. Currently working on network theory as a way to understand and treat cardiac arrhythmias.

Enid Van Nieuwenhuyse

PhD student · Assisting academic staff

Enid developed the first full version of DGM containing all essential algorithms, as well as a user interface. She combines modeling with clinical analysis for AT, VT, AF, VF and TdP.

Lars Lowie

PhD student

Lars connects simulations in electrophysiology with clinical data, focussing on the detection of the dominant loop in a double loop atrial tachycardia.

Sander Hendrickx

Software engineer

Sander is responsible for maintaining, documenting and improving the codebase as well as handling all web-related tasks.

Alexander V. Panfilov

Full professor

Prof. Panfilov is an expert in computer simulations of cardiac arrhythmia.

Clinical partners

Mattias Duytschaever, MD, PhD

AZ Sint-Jan hospital, Bruges
UZ Ghent

Sebastien Knecht, MD, PhD

AZ Sint-Jan hospital, Bruges