DGM · Software · Download & Installation


DGM is currently available as closed beta. Please read our announcement for more information.
If you are interested in testing our software, please contact us through the contact form on this website.

DGM is released under an academic software license.


Prerequisites: Installation of Python 3.7 or higher.

Unzip the dgm package in your preferred folder. It should contain the following files and folders

core/Pro/build/Program(.exe)Core algorithms
Python source folders
run.pyPython application entry point
dgm.exeStart main program
setup.exeRun installation setup (downloads and installs pip + required python packages)
requirements.txtRequired python packages
get-pip.pyDefault script to fetch and install pip
license.txtAcademic software license

After unpacking all files, run setup.exe. This will install pip and afterwards use pip to install all required python packages.

You can now run DGM using dgm.exe. If you wish to run DGM directly from your command prompt, use python run.py