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DGM is a diagnostic tool using network theory on cardiac excitation to determine the source of a given arrhythmia. After processing the input and analyzing the resulting graph, it is capable of detecting reentry - macro, localized and functional - as well as focal activity.

DGM is currently a research tool, and should only be used as such.

In developing DGM, we strive to combine functionality with simplicity. Creating a tool which can be used by electrophysiologists with too little time, as well as researchers trying to fine-tune their results.


DGM is being developed to retrospectively automatically analyze your clinical cases of atrial tachycardia (AT). One simple click to show where the AT is located (reentry or focal).

Our goal is to help EPs make better decisions on where to ablate. If you have any questions, would like to analyze a different type of clinical dataset or want to collaborate, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always interested in obtaining data to further optimize our software


DGM is a versatile tool and can handle any type of electrode system. Have a look at our research page to find out which studies have already been realized with DGM. You can use DGM for clinical, experimental or in-silico data.

You can use the software in its current version for the analysis of your data, rendering both 2D and 3D simulations. Or we can help you with setting up the the software to analyze your own specific type of study.

mapping systems

Even though our current focus is towards research, we would still like to hear from you! As our final goal is to bring our research and software to the patient by embedding DGM into existing mapping systems, we are happy to show you our progress at any stage of the development.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


April 27th 2021 · Published article · Improving the management of cardiac arrhythmias

Cardiac arrhythmias are the leading cause of death in the Western world. The management of cardiac arrhythmias and related diseases currently accounts for about 9 per cent of the total healthcare expenditure across the European Union.


April 15th 2021 · New paper on Directed Graph Mapping & Phase mapping

Directed graph mapping exceeds phase mapping in discriminating true and false rotors detected with a basket catheter in a complex in-silico excitation pattern.


April 1st 2021 · New paper on the evaluation of Directed Graph Mapping in Complex Atrial Tachycardias

DGM is a new tool - based on network theory - which can fully automatically detect the source of complex ATs and is able to compete with the latest mappings systems! Follow us for more applications with DGM!



If you are interested in using DGM, please let us know by filling in the contact form below and we will keep you up-to-date with the latest developments and planned first release end of summer 2021. Once released, step-by-step examples and documentation will be made available on this site.


Automatically show the reentry loops in the given arrhythmia. This reentry can be anatomical or functional

Focal sources

Automatically detect the focal sources in a given arrhythmia. These are regions with only outgoing arrows

Region of collision

In case of a double loop, DGM will detect the region where both waves collide. This allows to determine the dominant versus bystander loop

Predefined input

Autoparsing for input files of several known mapping systems

Show ablation and PPI

Load data to add ablation or PPI points to your rendering

Create movies

Create movies of your rendering. One cycle or between two set timestamps


Files generated by DGM can easily be used to do your own post-processing, for example using Paraview

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We'd like to hear from you! If you are interested in using DGM, in collaborating with us or want to provide us with valuable feedback, simply fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.